Gloverall has the must-have coat for AW17


Gloverall Five years after the end of World War II Gloves and Overall wholesalers H&F Morris, Harold and Freda, were offered a large quantity of surplus military Duffle Coats which quickly sold out in camping and leisure wear shops.

This success prompted Harold, son of a master tailor, and Freda to produce their own Duffle coats for their new company Gloverall.

Harold decides to refine the duffle coats; he replaced the thick jute rope which was difficult to attach to the coats, with leather, and in addition, also introduced an Italian check back fabric.

A strange, but true Government policy forbade the opening of a new factory in London, so Gloverall upped ship to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. 

Gloverall began exporting their coats all over the world and became a true British classic.

From the Olympic Games, to the Royal family, Gloverall have their name etched in the history books for that must-have duffle coat heritage and charm.

This autumn / winter is no different for the duffle coat stars of fashion week, with this season’s must have, the Camel coat. 

A range of options from a classic look, to a smart single breasted overcoat, to a unique and shapely slim fit the Camel coat offers all body shapes a way to express themselves as the temperatures fall and those colder mornings beckon. 

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