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G-Star RAW is the innovative denim brand. Since 1989, G-Star has been a denim pioneer that is known for its directional and cutting edge style. Its philosophy has always been “Just the Product” with a focus on denim craftsmanship and innovation. G-Star originated the concept of 3D denim in 1996 with the introduction of the G-Star Elwood, and dedication to untreated RAW denim, which created a revolution within the denim industry. Through their continuous exploration and experimentation of the boundaries of denim, G-Star has garnered a strong worldwide following.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G-Star. In 1996, G-Star introduced wearable raw denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market. In the same year, this search for innovation led to the introduction of the first 3D denim, the G-Star Elwood, designed by G-Star’s head designer Pierre Morisset. Continued innovation in 3D product engineering, led to the introduction of another G-Star classic in 2009, the Arc pant. This silhouette is constructed entirely through detailed paper patterning, underlying the architectural approach that G-Star takes to craftsmanship.

The G-Star beliefs in construction and design also stretch beyond denim. RAW Crossovers play an important role within the G-Star brand philosophy. These unique design experiments fuse the G-Star DNA with that of fellow product manufacturers – equally committed to innovation, technology, and craftsmanship. The RAW Prouvé line is the latest in the series, alongside the RAW Defender, RAW Ferry, RAW Cannondale, and RAW Leica.

Innovation continues to be at the heart of G-Star’s design approach this season, presenting empowering styles based on adaptability and unconventional tailoring.   

Denim Innovation

New denim styles focused on fit and construction are launched for both men and women this season. Developed as the ultimate fit for all body types, the G-Star Shape jean is the latest denim design for women that fits like a glove. Next is the D-Staq, which combines rugged pocketing with a modernized and clean fit. Finally, G-Star introduces a premium denim line, RAW Essentials, featuring the both new and classic 3D-constructed styles executed in high-quality fabrics and washes as well as in classic raw denim.

RAW Adaptability

Throughout the entire G-Star Winter ‘17 collection, Creative Director Aitor Throup explores the theme of adaptability. Interpreted as multi-functionality, transformability, and modularity, the collection features trans-seasonal trenches, parkas, and bombers that have been deconstructed into multiple independent layers to provide warmth and breathability.

Looks 18-1 pre

Looks 18-1 pre

Additionally, new jackets and denims feature auxiliary components and pockets that can be repositioned or removed, together with transformable sportswear items which utilise multiple zip constructions and offer variable functionalities.

The Swan

Visible throughout the collection is Jan Asselijn’s 1650 painting: ‘The Threatened Swan’ a part of the Dutch Rijksmuseum’s art collection. Presented as a graphic-led interpretation of the Dutch painting in tops and bottoms, the Swan comes to life in different executions, from camouflage-inspired all over prints to embroidered graphics.

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