FixMeStick offers a popular USB-based virus removal solution that gives world-class security technology to non-technical people for everyday use

fixIn the days following Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the frantic lead up to the Christmas festivities, the last thing any of us want is a computer virus destroying our PC, ransomware hacking our personal data or fraud activity popping up on a bank statement. As we now spend an ever increasing amount of time shopping online over £4.5 million pounds is now paid out to cyber criminals each year.

We had the opportunity to test the epic FixMeStick, the popular USB-based virus removal solution empowering non-technical people the world over to clean up their PC or Mac.

Even though we run antivirus regularly, when we ran FixMeStick for the first time, it found over 40 threats and removed them all!

FixMeStick® works as an external, hardware device that you simply insert into your usb drive and boot before the computer starts up.  Once inside your computer’s usb turn the machine on, and boot from FixMeStick.  It presented a simple boot display before asking us to follow some simple commands that were straight forward and intuitive. Click accept and run and let the device work its magic. Once it’s scanned the operating system the device presented us with all of the discovered threats in a simple list and allowed us to select which ones we wanted to clean and the viruses we wanted to remove. In our setup we found spyware, trojans, rootkits, and malware that anti-virus programs often can’t detect.

One draw back from sending your computer to a repair shop to fix is that you very often get your machine back in working order, only to find that there’s a catch. They have wiped your hard drive. Not so with FixMeStick®. It kept our pictures and email intact whilst removing unwanted programs. It even sped up the performance of the PC.

fixmeFixMeStick downloads the latest virus updates, and starts its built-in multi-scanner composed of three of the world’s best virus detection technologies, Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI.

It’s exceptionally user friendly, and all of our colleagues went online and purchased their own devices for family members as a surprise stocking filler as soon as we’d shown them how effective the FixMeStick was.

Even our in-house IT guru is excited at the prospect of being able to clean up some old XP machines he has in the server room!

To buy yours go to and search FixMeStick.

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