Finding the perfect night’s sleep with Leesa


When you first embark on a journey to find a new mattress, many of us will make the decision wrong more than once it seems.

From the 90s craze of futons, to the affordability of pocket sprung mattresses, to the arrival of memory foam, there have never been more choices than there are today.

And with that choice comes a wide range of individual decisions to help you find your goldilocks mattress.

If you look online, you can find huge savings and mattresses which may have cost over a thousand pounds reduced sometimes to a fraction of their original cost. But if you don’t spend enough on your investment, you may find that after a few months, or a year or so those steel springs are starting to press down on your limbs as you sleep, causing a range of aches and pains.

The last thing you want from a mattress is to start getting back pain when you wake up, a sore chest, or stiff neck.

There are also some varieties of memory foam which have a high price tag, but other chemicals used in the process make it nearly impossible for the smell to go away.

That is of course until you find an innovative, luxurious and exceptionally priced mattress brand, Leesa.

Leesa_L6To begin with, you aren’t getting something which has been sitting around in a warehouse for weeks on end, with customers trying it day after day, only for the store manager to tell you that he’ll give you a hundred off the sale price if you take his end-of-line display model. No, the Leesa mattress has the beauty of being manufactured in a way which has its own unique story of innovation, precision engineering and science behind it to give you the perfect night’s sleep.

Crafted in an almost laboratory-like custom built factory, entrepreneur David Wolfe and mattress industry veteran Jamie Diamonstein founded Leesa with a simple goal, to help people sleep better.

The entrepreneurs behind the brand, shared your pain in finding the search for a good mattress, and had fallen out of love with sleeping. Investing time and money, only to be disappointed by your purchase is something that had to be solvable, so the team decided to create and craft their own design.

Leesa_L5With over 30 year’s experience in the mattress industry, Jamie and the team created the Universal Adaptive Feel™, which easily adapts to all body shapes and sizes and all sleeping styles. Incredibly, the different sides of the mattress adapt differently to each partner.

Jamie Diamonstein, Leesa Sleep Co-Founder and Chief Product Office said, “I have dedicated my life to designing mattresses that deliver a great night’s sleep. Our mission at Leesa is to elevate life through better sleep. Our mattress does just that through a clever three layers system. We did not compromise on quality at any point. One of the common complaints about memory foam mattresses is they tend to sleep hot. We solved this with the crucial top layer, Avena®, that acts as a buffer between the sleeper and the memory foam.”

Our EU King mattress arrived in the post in a Leesa branded cardboard box, and we were amazed that the mattress could fit inside such a small package. This means that if space is an issue for you and you don’t have good access to your bedroom, Leesa is the mattress for you. The simple concept means that the mattress is first tailor-made, and then machine wrapped with the air taken out. This enables the mattress to be beautifully packaged inside the box and at 36kg, a couple, or a strong individual can easily carry this to its final bedroom destination.

Leesa_L7We opened the box, laid the mattress on the bed and cut the wrapping off, immediately the mattress began to expand and fit beautifully into our Ikea Brimnes bed. The mattress fit perfectly into the frame (160cm by 200cm) and within a few minutes was fully expanded.

As with many packaged items, manufactured with memory foam there was a slight odour coming from the mattress. However, the instructions explain that this is to be expected and allowing the mattress to rest for about a day is all it needs for the odour to disappear completely.  We opened the window and let the room air for a few hours and by the next morning the smell had gone.

It was an outstanding first night’s sleep on the Leesa mattress, the different levels of comfort providing the perfect balance of support, cushioning and pure relaxation. Waking up feeling completely uplifted and refreshed was a joy.

Over the years, we had issues with a range of mattresses which had caused periods of back pain, achy joints and this was down to either springs that could be felt through the mattress fabric, or some of the harsher chemicals which manufacturers seem to add, on mass to many big names brands you find in major retailers.

leesa_ls8The second and the third night just got better and better. Sleep is starting to become a far more pleasurable experience as a result of the Leesa mattress.

So what is it that makes it so comfortable?

The team behind Leesa have spent many pain staking months and years selecting the combination of materials used inside each mattress. But once the formula was right, it’s remained the blueprint for success. From the separate layers of foam, carefully selected to provide core strength, to the pressure relieving memory foam, as well as bounce and cooling, the mattress has it all.

David Wolfe, Leesa Sleep Co-Founder and CEO said, “Since day one, we have been committed to building a company with a purpose – a company that measures its success as much by its impact on the world as it does the bottom line. By offering the best possible product at a reasonably low price enables us to meet our goal of providing all people with a place to rest their head at night and to continue donating one mattress for every 10 sold.”

The Leesa mattress is manufactured domestically in Glossop, UK and has been designed from the inside out with a patented Universal Adaptive Feel™, to deliver the cooling, contouring and core support everyone needs to sleep better. The top layer is made from 5cm of Cooling Avena® Foam to allow constant air flow throughout the night. The middle layer is made of pressure-relieving memory foam provides that signature cloud-like feel to hug you to sleep and is strategically positioned below the cooling layer. The base layer provides a dense core support, adding strength, durability and structure that helps the Leesa maintain long-lasting stability. Finally, the three layers are covered in an iconic four-stripe cover made of 100% Polyester to provide an amazing feel and understated elegance.

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