Electro Brunch at Gaucho Birmingham


20170909_111533Bottomless Brunch has been sweeping the UK foodie scene for a while now, but the capital has been leading the way, that is until now. The all-you-can-eat-and-drink fad is quickly working its way to other UK cities, with international steak house, Gaucho, leading the pack. The Argentinian charm burts from the Colmore Road restaurant and their latest Electro Brunch is nothing less than inspired.

As we arrived the bar tender was busy mixing cocktails. I sampled a non-alcoholic mohito. The bitterness of the lime and mint was true perfection and the drink had a noticably punch to it than many served in your average cocktail lounge.

To start with I was given a Peanut butter dulce de leche. Sweet smooth creamy peanut butter with soft fluffy coissant. Grass fed butter gives the distinctive flavour and richness.

The first course of this electro brunch was the chorizo sausage and chimichurri. The spicy flavours complemented the succulent pork coupled with the light white ciabatta.

A domain chandon sparkling argentine wine washed this down beautifully.

20170909_113957Next up the Gaucho Benedict. This mezze of steak, eggs is a.true masterclass in the art of filling your tummy like an Aztec emporer.

The salty ham flavours of soft mince couple with the delightful runny yolks mixing with the onion and warm muffin melt in the mouth. The whole dish is a pleasing and savoury treat.

The apple gone loupe blends green apple with cantaloupe melon and mint creating the most refreshing buzzy cocktail to get you ready for the day and an energy boost to feed your hunger as you sample even more of the delicious dishes in Gaucho’s Electro brunch.

Their steak and eggs churrasco de cuadril has an invited pink centre with neatly grilled sear lines, cooked to exceptional standards.

20170909_115125They have thought long and hard about this sophisticated menu drawing influences from the most exciting Argentine flavours and blending them with the classic cosmopolitan breakfast and lunch dishes, taking the humble sandwich and egg to heights the great masters would praise.

Also on the menu is a scorcher of a cocktail – the infamous Gaucho Bloody Mary.  Crafted with the world renowned Stolichnaya Gold Vodka, tomato juice, chimichurri, citrus and Tabasco.

Plenty of night owls enjoying a long weekend of clubs, bars and Birmingham’s finest would be losing out not to pop into Gaucho from 11 – 4 to sample this rare feast.

Just as I was taking a moment to contemplate this epic feast, my waiter told me it was time for dessert and brought a plate of banana pancakes to the table. Yours with either maple syrup or Nutella.

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