Ed’s Diner in Selfridges, Birmingham


2Ed’s Diner in Selfridges is a colourful open plan restaurant set within the expansive food hall in the Bullring shopping centre. This year, The Birmingham Gazette has been on a mission to find the best burgers in town, and so far, Ed’s is coming up top trumps. Our head waiter Clinton is an absolute gent, quick to spot my partner is a vegetarian, recommending all the delights on offer, and wetting our taste buds by letting us in on a new veggie dish coming in a few weeks, the perfect nudge to come back for seconds in a few weeks. And it’s definitely the kind of restaurant you would feel happy being a regular at. With it’s American diner style decor, theme and comfy surroundings it’s not long until you feel right at home at Ed’s.

While choosing what to eat, another spectacle is the open kitchen where you can marvel at the range of chefs, each creating individual masterpieces, everything freshly prepared with the finest ingredients.

As this is a working lunch we skipped the starters and went straight for our mains.

Two of the most succulent burgers, both worlds apart from either other yet with the same mouth-watering Ed’s Diner stamp on set us into a satisfying moment of silence when they arrived.

The first was a cajun vegetable burger, which unlike many veggie burgers that are left alone on the menu, relieved of those classic extras that make it a true burger experience, at Ed’s it’s a different story. My partner commented that she thought it impressive that you got all the flavours of the ‘Original’, with the lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise and mild American mustard with the addition of a hand crafted vegetable pattie seasoned to perfection with Cajun spices.

Ed's burgerRecently, I have developed quite a taste for the phenomena that is the pulled pork burger, unknown to me until a few weeks ago largely because I never mix classic dishes, being pulled pork, or burgers, but Ed’s Diner has a masterful recipe that I may just ask that chef for next time we visit. The pattie is crafted from aged beef and I had a choice about how I wanted it cooked – the same kind of service you’d receive when ordering a steak. Well, haven’t burgers risen up in the world of dining?

The pulled pork was succulent, but I could have done with just a little more of that, but the burger more than fills your appetite.

The team at Ed’s are all extremely hands on and friendly. The service is welcoming and they always try to find out what your likes and dislikes are to help you make the right choice. We enjoyed some Atomic American fries coupled with a platter of dips including a delicately flavoured Jalapeno Jelly, sour cream, cheddar cheese sauce and guacamole on the side with the BBQ sauce as the replacement vegetarian option instead of chilli mince.  The sweet potato fries were also added a side, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the centre.

My partner had the waffles with chocolate sauce and ice cream which was the perfect end to the meal. The chocolate sauce was warm and runny, going incredibly with the vanilla ice cream. And speaking of ice cream – don’t forget to try one of Ed’s world famous milkshakes next time you’re in the Bullring. Either if you’re shopping and fancy dropping by Ed’s Shakes bar, or fancy indulging in a fabulous lunch in the restaurant in Selfridges Foodhall, why not head down to the Bullring and treat yourself to something special.

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