Cyberjammies will keep you snug as a bug this winter

CyberjammiesIf you’re looking for that perfect night sleep, it all starts with choosing the right nightwear. Cyberjammies has a wide range of stunning pyjamas for all the family, whether it’s a new super snoozer set in royal blue for your little one – or even a matching range for dad.

The material is made of a soft and comfortable cotton, lyocell blend which keeps you feeling snug, without being too hot, or too cold while you sleep.

The fit of cyberjammies has flexibility, but it’s well proportioned to your usual build. So, if you usually take a size 12-14, that size will be perfect for you in the Cyberjammies range.

The pattern cutters in the factory have exceptional attention to detail, and we couldn’t help noticing how there wasn’t a single stitch out of place or thread needing to be snipped. The tailoring was also first-class, with a vibrant range of colours and fabric styles to choose from.

In terms of price, this is what we have been most impressed with – Cyberjammies rival some of the top fashion houses for look, feel and quality but are incredibly fair priced, many sets coming in around the £20-25 mark.

The brand are quick to give some aftercare instructions too which is always useful if you want to get a few years out of your clothes. Make sure that you wash at 30 degrees and never dry clean. Do not iron trim, and both wash and iron inside out.

There are numerous classic designs for men, women and children, but you can easily find brightly coloured, or more subtle choices too.

To find your ideal design, go online to:

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