CustomFit app by Fitness First

appThe CustomFit app is a stunning innovation we love using as part of our Fitness First membership. Designed to help members get the most out of their training, and whether you need support or inspiration, CustomFit can provide it. With over 700 training videos showing the latest techniques for inside and outside of the gym, and fully customised workouts based on your goals, you can mix up your routine to keep every session interesting.

What are the benefits of using customfit?

As a Fitness First member, fitness experts will build bespoke programmes for you, and provide regular monthly programme reviews. Members can also check timetables and add classes to the personalised planner, and invite friends to join them too.

Your dashboard allows you to check your progress – How many workouts, calories burned, weight lifted and steps taken are all tracked to help you reach your personal best.

Finally, you can see the benefits of CustomFit with a Bioscore session, which will tell you your real age, and how to add years to your life.


CustomFit is effectively free to all members as part of your ongoing membership with Fitness First.

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