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Clusta is the brainchild of long-time friends Matt Clugston and Russell Townsend. Founded in 1997, they originally created advertising and promotional work for the entertainment industry.

However, it wasn’t long

before they decided digital was the way to go, and produced some of the first flash sites for a number of prominent performers.

Like most start-ups, growth was often challenging. Fortunately they built a talented team who shared their unfaltering commitment. With a passion for both form and function, digital has allowed them to innovate, producing a number of worldwide media firsts.

What’s more, as a current Knowledge Transfer Partner for innovation with Birmingham City University, they can continue to pioneer in our ever-changing interactive world.

With a solid background in design but a thirst for innovation Clusta has always strived to produce beautiful, rich on-line experiences. Designers, illustrators, 2d/3d animators, compositors and developers have been combined over the years to produce some of the most innovative, influential and stunning on and offline projects for a plethora of the world’s leading brands.

It’s certainly been an interesting journey – from graphic design, moving into digital and entering the world of production as partners to the likes of WPP, Omnicom and Publicis. Today Clusta is a fully-fledged interactive advertising agency that boasts an impressive list of clients such as Cadbury, Channel 4, Chanel and Palmers to name a few. Also, a smattering of entertainment clients, goes to prove they haven’t forgotten their roots and hope to continue growing as they have since the early years.

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