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retro_dunaj2015Set over a table of Beef Wellington we recently had the pleasure of tasting a stunning vintage bottle of red wine from one of Slovakia’s finest vineyards, located right in the heart of the River Danube.

Château Topoľčianky captured our attention with an exceptional bottle of red, the Exclusive Retro. Sold only in a limited number of bottles you will need to be quick if you are interested in ordering some for your restaurant, or special occasion.

The Château Topoľčianky brand belongs to the wine-growing estate called Vinarske Zavody Topoľčianky s.r.o., established in 1993, which owns over 560 hectares of vineyards in the central part of the Danube plain in the south of the Slovak Republic.

With over eight million bottles of red, white and rose wines produced annually, the company is one of the leading wine producers in the country and one of the best established wine brands in the Central European region.

The company has 100 employees and is headquartered in the southern Slovak village of Topoľčianky, which has a wine-making tradition dating back to the 17th century. At the company premises, up to 5.600 hl of red wines are held in traditional oak barrels. In the modern part of the company´s cellar, a hundred stainless steel tanks hold up to 1.100 hl of white and rose wines each.

fresh_s_2016The wines produced include typical varieties in the Danube region in categories of quality wines and wines with attribute. The typical grapes in the region include Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Pinot blanc, Blaufränkisch, Pinot noir and some regional specialties such as Palava, Devin and Alibernet.

The charm from each bottle of Dunaj is brought to life by its dazzling label, illustrated with a painting of the Château, and a delightful subtle detail, each bottle numbered. It was 84 years ago that Château Topoľčianky laid the foundations in the Slovak history books and the retro collection pays homage to that era. The “retro” red Dunaj had subtle woody notes from the oak barrels and full bodied depth of flavour. It had a slightly sweet aroma of cherries and dark chocolate, with the rich black berry, black currant tartness coming through on the palette. A true match for our succulent beef wellington.

The yellow and green hue from Château Topoľčianky’s 2016 Sauvignon is beautifully matched with subtle front notes of elderflower and gooseberry leaves. This went well with a starter of salmon and cream cheese, followed with a rich, warm Romagna baked pasta dish.

For those of you looking forward to a summer celebration, one way to sparkle at the party is by purchasing a bottle of Topoľčianky Sekt 1933 Prestige Cuvée (méthode traditionelle). Celebrating the founding year of the Château, this traditional sparkling wine is aged for nine months and has a herbal bouquet with a fresh fruity taste. The notes remind you of a warming white, with the magic sparkle providing the touch of glass to dine, or celebrate in style.

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