Bosch IXO - High resEric Streuli, product expert at Bosch DIY, explains how ease of use is at the heart of Bosch Power Tool’s design:

“As a user-centred business, a huge amount of research and development goes into each and every product before it is available on the market. At the forefront of this is ensuring that we provide tools that incorporate the latest technological advancements, whilst also responding to consumer requirements. In fact, across the entire Bosch business, around 15 new patents are submitted every single day, demonstrating the high level of innovation that goes into our products.

“A large part of making Bosch products so user friendly lies with an ergonomic design, which not only offers the user better control, but also improves their safety. This is especially the case with tools such as the Bosch “Ergonomic” series of cordless drill/drivers, which feature slim handles that are optimised for comfort and safety without compromising performance. A power tool that sits comfortably in the hand encourages the user to work with it, instead of scaring them. Many DIYers we have spoken to admit to finding power tools too big and/or too heavy, which they find intimidating.

PSB 18 LI-2 Ergonomic“This element of ergonomics extends across other models in the power tools range, too. Bosch has over the years incorporated the latest technology to offer lightweight and therefore less intimidating models that continue to offer the power and quality that is now synonymous with the brand.

“This is especially true with IXO, which is a compact cordless screwdriver that has an intuitive control concept enabling multiple grip positions. The latest model weighs only 0.3kg and has a micro USB charger for convenient charging, making it a great tool for first-time DIYers to have in their toolbox for jobs around the house.

“However more than just product design, Bosch’s brand identity is an important aspect of each product’s appearance. As a global company, it’s important that consumers can easily recognise our products regardless of where they are in the world. This is the reasoning behind the black and iconic green branding, which features on all Bosch DIY power tools, measuring tools and lawn and garden ranges.

“Colour is also used on all of Bosch’s products to create a more user-friendly design, with red demonstrating that a part of the product ‘does something’, for example a trigger, gear change or lever. This is the case across all of the Bosch DIY products, making it easy for customers, consciously or not, to quickly recognise action points and easily get to grips with new products.”

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